Lip Blush

Say goodbye to smudged lipstick… and embrace fuller-looking lips and a colour that stays put.

TIME 1.45 — 2 Hours (1 Hour Top Up)

PRICE £100 (Initial Session), £60 (8–12 Week Top Up)

This semi-permanent tattoo gives you a more defined shape and long-lasting colour, all day… every day.

You’ll never need to reach for your lip liner again to add a touch of volume; our lip blush does just the trick and lasts for 2-3 years. Go as subtle or dramatic as you like, with a choice of shades to enhance your natural look.

Whether you’re concerned about lip symmetry, uneven pigmentation, or a pale and aging pout, our lip blush has many perks. It restores colour and warmth, defines the lip line, corrects tone and asymmetry, and gives lips a more shapely appearance.

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